(Video): New addition to banjo workshop, Edwardian treadle saw!

Thought you might find this interesting. This is my latest high tech addition to the workshop. It’s a treadle powered fret saw.
Just to clarify here, in case you don’t know ….that’s not fret saw as in , a saw for cutting fret slots in a fingerboard. This saw takes its name from the French word ‘freter’ which means lattice. This is for cutting out very fine intricate shapes out of thin material.
Fret work ( lattice work ) was all the rage with the Victorians and Edwardians , so they developed treadle versions of the hand held saw to speed up production to supply demand.
I’ve got hold of this for cutting mother of pearl. Although nothing beats a hand held saw for fine work, I think this will be useful for cutting less intricate shapes ( blocks and bow ties etc ) and will allow me to stack inlays and cut two ,maybe even three at once.
It’s going to take a bit of practice but I can already tell there is enough control there I just need to shift my weight evenly on the treadle. …..and make sure I’ve got plenty of blades !
…..the Chad Valley factory in the midlands was full of these , I’m told. They made an important contribution to the wooden jigsaw industry ! 🙂

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