We’ve been lucky enough to have some great customers and players make videos playing McLeod Banjos.

For any questions about any of the custom-made banjos or banjo commissions you see on this page, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mastertone Style Banjo from McLeod Banjos

The Lurcher Banjo from McLeod Banjos

Here is a video of Bucking Dunn played by our good friend and talented old time player Mo Jackson.

This is the first in the range of Lurcher banjos made by McLeod Banjos. To find out more about this banjo, click here.

Bob Minner Playing a McLeod Banjo

Here is quick video of old time player Bob Minner (also Guitarist for Tim McGraw’s band) playing an Islander banjo, handmade here at McLeod banjos.

Columnist Dan Levenson from the Banjo Newsletter Playing a McLeod Banjo

The Islander Banjo made by Malcolm McLeod is reviewed by Dan Levenson for the Banjo Newsletter. The full McLeod banjo review can be found here.

Here’s a taster video of Dan playing an Islander:

Custom A-Scale Fretted Banjo

Cider Mill / Stillhouse

Custom A-Scale Fretless Banjo

 Walking Back to Texas: 

Sweet Sunny South:

Darling Nellie Grey:

Islander OB Banjo Customer

Angelina Baker

The Work We Do…