12 inch Open Back Custom Banjo – Dragonfly Inlay

Here are some gallery photos of a commission for a 12 inch open back banjo with a dragonfly and lizard inlay.

The wood is American Walnut.

Click on the images to enlarge


  1. David J. Robertson says:

    Hi, re Lurcher models…
    Love the sound Mo Jackson gets out of the Lurcher. I’ve put my name on your wait list.
    Please, if I may, three questions:
    1. Is Mo (in the promo videos) playing 11″ or 12″ pot?
    2. What’s the Nut width?
    3. Will I live long enough to get to the top of the wait list!
    Many thanks
    David Robertson
    Stoke Poges
    Bucks 07944 675849 or 01753 643534

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