New Islander Photos

Here’s a sample of the range of Islander Ash Leaf banjos I designed and built for Banjos Direct.

You can read more about it here on the Islander page

Photo-Shoot With Carlotta Luke

Lewes photographer Carlotta Luke popped into the workshop the other day. She’s been photographing instrument makers around Sussex. This photo shows me in the process of turning up an ash block rim.

Click on the photos to see a larger image

Banjo Restoration For Brighton Customer

A recently restored Grimshaw banjo for a Brighton customer who wanted the neck straightening, a refret and complete set-up.

A lovely-sounding, English banjo and a great piece of deco.

Here’s the Grimshaw in my workshop, about to go back into the case and return to its owner

Closer look at the resonator side wall


Vega Banjo Reproduction Necks

I’ve made a lot of reproduction necks over the years, especially for Vega banjos, where quite often a tenor banjo will be converted to a five-string (as they make such lovely old time instruments). This means the tenor neck can then be kept safe in case the owner ever wants to convert it to its original form.

Here is a sequence of photos for a typical reproduction. These necks were sent to Andy Perkins (aka Andy Banjo) in Faversham.

Starting to take shape using chisels and knives

No fancy carving machines, just a very sharp chisel… 🙂

…and a rasp

Hole cut for dowel stick

Dowel stick offered up but not glued yet


Here’s another shot of the heel cap from a different angle

Here’s two more necks approaching the finishing stages


  1. steve prior says:

    great stuff malc. Thanks for the truly excellent job you did S scooping my banjo neck. Look forward to you building a neck for that old Gibson pot i spoke to you about. Keep up the great work. Best regards Steve.

  2. Stu Cameron says:

    Nice work Malc and good site, Pity my good friend Graham Evans(Groundpig)is no longer with us, he would be very interested in your work. All the best Stu, Liverpool (friend of Ferg)

    • Hi Stu, Thanks for that mate. Groundpig where a great band, I use to go and see them a lot many years ago. Mainly at the Flat House in Tuebrook and the Fur and Feathers, it what in what use to be known as , Cantril Farm :-). They use to bring the house down. Take care and thanks for getting in touch. Malc

  3. Mo and Doug says:

    love your website,wishing you lots of success with your venture,thought you and the band were awesom at the cornish blue grass festival,so pleased we made the weekend.
    from stomping Mo and Doug

  4. John Hornig says:

    Love the site Malc! I’m still getting a great response from people about the banjo you built for me a few years ago – do you want some pics for the site?