The Islander

In May 2012, I was commissioned to make a number of openback banjos for Banjos Direct.

It’s built using the same methodology and techniques used on all McLeod banjos, with the cosmetic design and decoration tailored to be exclusive to them.

Currently these are only available through their site. For more details about current McLeod banjos ranges, check out the Lurcher banjo, or, if you would like a custom handmade banjo please look at the commissions page.

August 2013 Banjo pics 164

Watch Clips 

Bob Minner

 Dan Levenson

Banjo Newsletter Review 

In the January 2013 edition of the Banjo Newsletter Dan Levenson reviewed the Islander Banjo for “The Old-Time Way.”

Click on the images below to enlarge the review.

Page 1 of Dan Levenson's review for the Banjo Newsletter

Page 1 of Dan Levenson’s review for the Banjo Newsletter. Click on the image to enlarge the type.


Page 2 of Dan Levenson's review

Page 2 of Dan Levenson’s review. Click on the image to enlarge the type.


Nice things people have said about the Islander Ash Leaf Banjo:



Photos of the Islander Build

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