Custom Mastertone Style Banjo: UK-Made

Just completed a recent custom-made banjo commission here at the Brighton workshop.

If you’re thinking about having a custom Mastertone style banjo, please contact me to chat about possible specs.

Below are the gallery photos showing the build of the banjo (photo books of your banjo being built are available with all commissions).

Although it was built along Gibson lines, there are a few obvious departures. This banjo was made with the now-standard 26 and 3/16 Gibson scale length.

The fingerboard was made slightly longer without changing the fret-spacing to move the bridge closer to the centre. Moving the bridge towards the centre of the head gives the banjo a rounder, more mellow tone.

Another difference, if you look closely, is the absence of a flathead tone ring. The banjo is fitted with a plain brass hoop. This is to keep the weight down and a flathead or archtop tone ring can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.

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