Staining and fitting a vellum.

Hello again , I was talking to a mate the other day and we got onto banjo stuff. Anyway, he asked if there was a proper , or prefered way to fit a banjo vellum / skin. Meaning , if you examine most calf or goat skin vellums, you often find one side is rougher than […]

Talk Banjo Ep 5: Truss Rod Adjustment, Part 1

In this week’s Talk Banjo episode I’m answering another listener’s question, this time about truss rod adjustment: “What’s the best way to adjust a truss rod?”  I’m going to split this topic into 2 parts. First we’re going to look at how you would go about making adjustments, and then, in another episode I’ll look […]

Talk Banjo: Why Do Banjos Use Planetary Tuners?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Talk Banjo. This time I’m answering a question I received which was: “Why do some entry-level banjos use guitar tuners, but the higher end banjos are fitted with planetary tuners. And why are they called planetary tuners?” Don’t forget, if you have a banjo question you’d like me to […]

Talk Banjo Ep 2: How to Install a Capo Spike

In this week’s episode of Talk Banjo we look at how to install a capo spike. Click on the player at the end of this post to discover: Why players use capo spikes The most common places to place them (for bluegrass players) What you’ll need to fit a capo spike How to fit a […]

Talk Banjo Episode 1: Bridge Position and Intonation

Welcome to episode 1 of Talk Banjo! In this short 6 minute recording I cover one of the most common set-up problems people have when trying to position their bridge. Click on the player at the bottom of this post to find out: Why you experience tuning difficulties when the bridge isn’t in the correct position […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Luthier to Make Your Open Back Banjo

The following is an excerpt from our free downloadable guide to customising your open back banjo. A Luthier is just a fancy name of someone who builds or repairs instruments and there are many excellent makers around the world to choose from. So what do you need to consider when deciding who to work with? […]

What Tuner Buttons and Tuners Can You Choose for an Open Back Banjo?

For more information about customising your open back banjo, check out our free guide. Tuner buttons are purely cosmetic and can be wood, plastic or mother of pearl. It really is down to your personal taste. It’s worth asking for a good quality set of planetary tuners. These take the name from planets orbiting around […]

3 Popular Choices for Fingerboard Woods on Banjos

The following is taken from our free guide: customising your open back banjo It’s important to choose a fingerboard that you like the feel of, that holds frets well and resists wear. And even though you’re only looking at a 5mm thickness, the type of wood you choose will affect the sound you’re after. Here […]

Calculating Banjo Import Costs From the US to the UK

The following is taken from our free buyer’s guide to customising an open back banjo. You can download the full version by clicking this link. Figures correct as of Feb 2013. One thing you will want to consider when buying a custom open back banjo is if there are any delivery or import duties. Currently […]

The Ultimate Banjo Mute

Banjos are loud and although its nice to let them ring out around the room, often , this is  luxury is reserved for the single man or woman 🙂 When we share space with other people , maybe young children etc you often have to tone things down. Or If like me you live in a flat and have upstairs and […]