Talk Banjo Ep 5: Truss Rod Adjustment, Part 1

In this week’s Talk Banjo episode I’m answering another listener’s question, this time about truss rod adjustment: “What’s the best way to adjust a truss rod?”  I’m going to split this topic into 2 parts. First we’re going to look at how you would go about making adjustments, and then, in another episode I’ll look […]

Talk Banjo Ep 4: The Tunnelled 5th String

This week’s Talk Banjo episode is answering another question from a listener. This week’s question was: “Are there any advantages to having a tunnelled 5th string over a regular 5th string on the side of the neck?” So this 4 minute episode looks at: The main difference between the 2 types of 5th string set […]

Talk Banjo: Why Do Banjos Use Planetary Tuners?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Talk Banjo. This time I’m answering a question I received which was: “Why do some entry-level banjos use guitar tuners, but the higher end banjos are fitted with planetary tuners. And why are they called planetary tuners?” Don’t forget, if you have a banjo question you’d like me to […]

Talk Banjo Ep 2: How to Install a Capo Spike

In this week’s episode of Talk Banjo we look at how to install a capo spike. Click on the player at the end of this post to discover: Why players use capo spikes The most common places to place them (for bluegrass players) What you’ll need to fit a capo spike How to fit a […]

Talk Banjo Episode 1: Bridge Position and Intonation

Welcome to episode 1 of Talk Banjo! In this short 6 minute recording I cover one of the most common set-up problems people have when trying to position their bridge. Click on the player at the bottom of this post to find out: Why you experience tuning difficulties when the bridge isn’t in the correct position […]