Banjo Legends Pt 2: An Interview With Adam Hurt

I’m pleased to present part 2 of an interview series with banjo players who are respected and renowned around the world. This time, I’m very pleased to introduce claw hammer talent, Adam Hurt. The Washington Post regarded Adam as a “banjo virtuoso” and he is known for his innovative claw hammer banjo style, based on […]

Banjo Legends: An Interview with Tom Adams

Right ! Now I’m really excited about this 🙂 . I’ve been contacting players I like and asking them if they wouldn’t mind answering four or five short, banjo related questions. These are busy people, never the less, Every single player I’ve been in touch with has been extremely gracious and helpful. These are people […]

Casey Henry interview

I thought you might find this interesting. Last year Amy Harrison and the Secondhand Stringband played a gig in Reading supporting the Cole Porters and The Dixie Bee Liners. I knew Casey Henry was playing banjo with the Bee Liners and Amy suggested I ask her if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for […]