Creating a Tunneled 5th String on a Banjo Commission

Just a quick blog post to show you some photos of a commission where the player wanted a tunnelled 5th string. Here are the photos from marking out the groove, cutting and fitting the nickel pipe: 1: Marking out 2: Cutting the groove 3: Fitting the nickel tube 4: How it looks once fitted Any […]

Brighton Banjos Workshop Photo Shoot

Had a lovely start to the day yesterday. The sun was out and I had a visit from Carlotta Luke, a talented photographer. I think she’s putting together a collection of photos based on instrument makers in the Sussex area and she asked to come and visit the workshop. That in itself was extremely flattering […]

Brighton Banjos Gallery – New Pics Uploaded

Well things have been busy here, I’ve recently completed some more commissions which I’m dying to show – photos to follow shortly. After the last one was completed, the happy customer mentioned he was considering selling his Clifford Essex Paragon to commission another Brighton Banjos instrument. Here’s hoping! Why not head over to the gallery […]