Lurcher Banjo Review in FOAOTMAD Magazine

Here’s a short review of the Lurcher Banjo by Dan Stewart in the Autumn edition of Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance Magazine. Click on the image below to see it full size and read the article. Scroll down for a video of Dan Stewart playing the Lurcher banjo. It’s always a lovely […]

Custom Mastertone Style Banjo: UK-Made

Just completed a recent custom-made banjo commission here at the Brighton workshop. If you’re thinking about having a custom Mastertone style banjo, please contact me to chat about possible specs. Below are the gallery photos showing the build of the banjo (photo books of your banjo being built are available with all commissions). Although it […]

My Response to the Acoustic Magazine review of the Islander

Last week, here at Brighton Banjos, we got a first look at the review of the Islander Banjo in Acoustic Magazine. It was written by Leon Hunt, who I really respect and admire. Below you can see images that link to the review. I felt that Leon raised some interesting points which I wanted to […]

New Lurcher Banjo Range

Well, things have been pretty busy here recently and we’ve got some blog posts queued up to give you the latest news and happenings, including reviews of the Islander Banjo in Acoustic Magazine and the Banjo Newsletter. Meanwhile, we’re also launching a brand new range of 11″ open back banjos for 2013. The Lurcher is […]

Banjo Newsletter Review of The Islander Banjo

In the January edition of the Banjo Newsletter  Dan Levenson reviewed the Islander banjo. If you’re not a magazine subscriber, but would like to read the review, you can click on the images below to enlarge the type:

New Banjo Video Gallery on the Site

A few lovely people recently have been sending in videos of themselves playing their McLeod Banjos. We’ve uploaded some of them to a gallery on the site which you can visit here. If you have a video of a McLeod Banjo we’d love to use it!    

Islander Banjo Featured in Acoustic Magazine

Hope you’re having a jolly festive season! We just got word that the Islander Banjo is featured in this month’s Acoustic Magazine. A review of the instrument is set to be published in March (keep your eyes peeled). We picked up a copy of the magazine to have a look… Want more information about the […]

New Custom-Made Fretless Open Back Commission

I was contacted a short while ago to build a short scale fretless for someone who is keen on the Round Peak style of playing. The banjo is made out of American Walnut and features a nickel-silver plate from the nut to just past the seventh fret. This gives a nice playing surface and adds […]

Visit to David Dyke. Supplies for New Commissions

This week I had the pleasure of a trip to David Dyke Wood Supplies to get materials for new commissions. Now it’s back to the workshop to crack on with the making!

Dan Levenson Playing The Islander Review Coming 2013

Am thrilled to see old-time legend Dan Levenson sharing a clip of him playing one of the Islander Ash Leaf banjos. Check it out here. For more details about the Islander, click here. A full review by Dan will be in the Banjo Newsletter early 2013.