SOLD Newly Completed, Handmade, Hand-Carved McLeod Banjo £950 plus postage.

This banjo has now been sold , for information on new models please contact me . Hi ya , this is a very interesting little banjo. It was intended to be the start of a new model line but I got a bit carried away with it 🙂 . This is a wooden top banjo […]

McLeod Banjos Documentary Accepted for Sony Production Awards – Votes Needed!

Recently a local film production company flycreative shot a micro-documentary called The Lurcher about the Brighton workshop and my range of Lurcher banjos. They submitted the finished film into the Sony Production Awards and it was accepted as a final entrant! They now need votes to help it along and I’d love to share it with […]

VIDEOS: First Look and Listen to the Lurcher Banjo

I’m very fortunate to live a short walk from Mo Jackson. You may know her from her work with the Kitty Hawks and the Lil Kitties . She’s a lovely person and a fine banjo player. I asked Mo if she wouldn’t mind playing a few tunes on the first completed Lurcher banjo so I […]

Tennessee 20 tone ring for sale

UPDATED: This item has been sold. Hi ya, I’ve got a real bluegrass tone ring for sale here. It’s a Tennessee 20. These are the nuts ! ..and very hard to find in the UK. It’s a flathead Mastertone type ring and can only be found in high end bluegrass banjos e.g. Hatfield, Crafters, Sullivan […]

My Response to the Acoustic Magazine review of the Islander

Last week, here at Brighton Banjos, we got a first look at the review of the Islander Banjo in Acoustic Magazine. It was written by Leon Hunt, who I really respect and admire. Below you can see images that link to the review. I felt that Leon raised some interesting points which I wanted to […]

New Lurcher Banjo Range

Well, things have been pretty busy here recently and we’ve got some blog posts queued up to give you the latest news and happenings, including reviews of the Islander Banjo in Acoustic Magazine and the Banjo Newsletter. Meanwhile, we’re also launching a brand new range of 11″ open back banjos for 2013. The Lurcher is […]

Dan Levenson Playing The Islander Review Coming 2013

Am thrilled to see old-time legend Dan Levenson sharing a clip of him playing one of the Islander Ash Leaf banjos. Check it out here. For more details about the Islander, click here. A full review by Dan will be in the Banjo Newsletter early 2013.  

Launching the Islander Ash Leaf Banjo

Things have been hectic around here recently and not least because I’ll be getting married in September! More importantly 🙂 , I’m working on a range of banjos exclusive to the UK banjo shop Banjos Direct. I’ve included some photos below. To view more photos, click through onto my Islander Banjo page.    

Vega Banjo for sale (Update: Now Sold!)

Hi ya , I’m just looking at how long its been since I posted anything here…hmm.. , quite a while. I’ve just put a very nice old banjo on ebay , if anyones interested ? I’ve been putting off selling it for a while, its a lovely banjo but I just don’t play it anymore. […]