Bluegrass News: 10th Cornish Bluegrass Festival this September

The Cornish Bluegrass festival is celebrating it’s 10 th year this year (13th-15th sept). If you haven’t been to this , I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s wonderful ! It’s held at Hendra Park , which is an enormous holiday/ caravan park. This means apart from the excellent music of the festival , you’ve […]

Player Video: Dan Stewart on the Lurcher Banjo

Here’s a very short video of the talented Dan Stewart playing the Lurcher banjo. Dan will be writing a review about the banjo to be released shortly. Your browser does not support the video tag

Show and Tell: Springs and Hollow Necks in Banjos

I though this might interest some people here. It’s an old Windsor “zither” banjo , with a few unusual features. I was asked to fit a new vellum and to see if I could source/ make some replacement tension screws as sadly seven of them had been sheared off inside. The screws are nickel plated […]

Rare, Exclusive Photos of the Islander Banjo-Build by Malcolm McLeod

I’m proud to be a small-batch handmade banjo-maker. Doing this job, I meet some amazing people. My customers are from all around the country and from all sorts of jobs and backgrounds. From barristers, priests, helicopter pilots and pub landlords one of the real pleasures of this work is getting to know people and building […]

Banjo Workshop Show and Tell

I thought it might be a laugh to have a section here that talks about things that may not appear to be directly banjo related but share a connection. I’ll try not to be completely irrelevant , for well, … most of it . 🙂 I feel I must show you this. It’s a plank […]

VIDEOS: First Look and Listen to the Lurcher Banjo

I’m very fortunate to live a short walk from Mo Jackson. You may know her from her work with the Kitty Hawks and the Lil Kitties . She’s a lovely person and a fine banjo player. I asked Mo if she wouldn’t mind playing a few tunes on the first completed Lurcher banjo so I […]

Tennessee 20 tone ring for sale

UPDATED: This item has been sold. Hi ya, I’ve got a real bluegrass tone ring for sale here. It’s a Tennessee 20. These are the nuts ! ..and very hard to find in the UK. It’s a flathead Mastertone type ring and can only be found in high end bluegrass banjos e.g. Hatfield, Crafters, Sullivan […]

(Video): New addition to banjo workshop, Edwardian treadle saw!

Thought you might find this interesting. This is my latest high tech addition to the workshop. It’s a treadle powered fret saw. Just to clarify here, in case you don’t know ….that’s not fret saw as in , a saw for cutting fret slots in a fingerboard. This saw takes its name from the French […]

Banjo developments, Vega necks and Mastertone style banjos

Well,.. it’s been a while since I wrote or recorded anything here. I’ve had an unusual start to the year and been involved with some interesting things. But sometimes you just need to get back to what you really love and what you feel you do best. For me, at least at this stage…that’s commissions […]

Talk Banjo Ep 5: Truss Rod Adjustment, Part 1

In this week’s Talk Banjo episode I’m answering another listener’s question, this time about truss rod adjustment: “What’s the best way to adjust a truss rod?”  I’m going to split this topic into 2 parts. First we’re going to look at how you would go about making adjustments, and then, in another episode I’ll look […]