First banjo I ever sold

Matt Lewins from the Brighton old time band , Chicken Shed Zeppelin called over to see me a few weeks ago. He had with him a banjo I’d made for him about fourteen years ago . This banjo has been his main instrument in that time and is on its third refret , but still […]

SOLD Newly Completed, Handmade, Hand-Carved McLeod Banjo £950 plus postage.

This banjo has now been sold , for information on new models please contact me . Hi ya , this is a very interesting little banjo. It was intended to be the start of a new model line but I got a bit carried away with it 🙂 . This is a wooden top banjo […]

Creating a Tunneled 5th String on a Banjo Commission

Just a quick blog post to show you some photos of a commission where the player wanted a tunnelled 5th string. Here are the photos from marking out the groove, cutting and fitting the nickel pipe: 1: Marking out 2: Cutting the groove 3: Fitting the nickel tube 4: How it looks once fitted Any […]

McLeod Banjos Makes Front Page News…

I was pretty chuffed to see that a story about The Lurcher film made it into our local paper The Argus. Since it was published we’ve had more shares, and votes for the film made by our friends at flycreative which is great to see. Currently the film is second in its category for votes […]

McLeod Banjos Documentary Accepted for Sony Production Awards – Votes Needed!

Recently a local film production company flycreative shot a micro-documentary called The Lurcher about the Brighton workshop and my range of Lurcher banjos. They submitted the finished film into the Sony Production Awards and it was accepted as a final entrant! They now need votes to help it along and I’d love to share it with […]

Staining and fitting a vellum.

Hello again , I was talking to a mate the other day and we got onto banjo stuff. Anyway, he asked if there was a proper , or prefered way to fit a banjo vellum / skin. Meaning , if you examine most calf or goat skin vellums, you often find one side is rougher than […]

Banjo Legends Pt 2: An Interview With Adam Hurt

I’m pleased to present part 2 of an interview series with banjo players who are respected and renowned around the world. This time, I’m very pleased to introduce claw hammer talent, Adam Hurt. The Washington Post regarded Adam as a “banjo virtuoso” and he is known for his innovative claw hammer banjo style, based on […]

Lurcher Banjo Review in FOAOTMAD Magazine

Here’s a short review of the Lurcher Banjo by Dan Stewart in the Autumn edition of Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance Magazine. Click on the image below to see it full size and read the article. Scroll down for a video of Dan Stewart playing the Lurcher banjo. It’s always a lovely […]

Banjo Legends: An Interview with Tom Adams

Right ! Now I’m really excited about this 🙂 . I’ve been contacting players I like and asking them if they wouldn’t mind answering four or five short, banjo related questions. These are busy people, never the less, Every single player I’ve been in touch with has been extremely gracious and helpful. These are people […]

Bluegrass Mastertone Style Banjos from McLeod Banjos

Most of my commissions lately have been for open back banjos. But I still love Bluegrass banjos so I thought I’d show you this one I made for a customer. Here’s my own take on a traditional flat head Mastertone style banjo.